Have you ever been so passionate about something that you just absolutely couldn’t stop talking about it? Have you ever wanted to reach out to people all over the world about your passion? Well then, if your passion is about A Song of Ice and Fire, then you’ve come to the right place!

You may have seen us on twitter https://twitter.com/TheLadyShelly  and https://twitter.com/liesandarborgol where we gripe about the show and profess our love for all things Jaime Lannister and Sansan. But 140 characters simply isn’t enough for us to discuss our thoughts on A Song of Ice and Fire and the HBO *insert heavy air quotes* “adaptation,” Game of Thrones!!!! So, here we are!

This blog is dedicated to all things in the asoiaf/GoT fandom and we cannot wait for you all to read our ramblings about everything!!! Please stop by often and tell your friends about us! Suggested topics are always welcome and we are open to discuss just about anything!

Seven Blessings!

Lady Shelly

Little Bird


sansa thanks



5 thoughts on “About

  1. Your use of GIFs is truly unusual. I haven’t seen anyone who used them so frequently… no seriously, I like it!
    I have some stuff I want to say to the world, can I just make a guest contribution and how?
    I have a Twitter account, too.


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