Beet Protection Society! Oh, and Shireen too!

The Beet Protection Society!
by the fabulous Brandi
In light of D&D’s fanfiction season 5 I started worrying about the fates of (NEARLY EVERYONE!) two characters who are alive in the books. (No my dears, not Pyp and Grenn. Don’t talk to me about that tragedy.) Shireen and Tommen (Lannister) Baratheon. Before you rip my head off about how they aren’t that important and other characters are more important, just hear me out. And yes, children should be protected with the exception of Ramsey. But there are more reasons to protect Shireen and Tommen than their age. I feel it’s important to stop thinking of them as minor characters hanging around and start thinking of them as future powerful players in this game. And to get to that point, it’s important that we all join what I’m going to call the Beet Protection Society. (Clever; I know….not really. We’ll work on it.)

​Via Penna

There are so many characters in this series that demand protection and by all reality should be protected as well (DO YOU HAVE A MOMENT TO TALK ABOUT THE PRECIOUS HOUSE STARK? Or…at least what’s left of it….) but those have been done. We could also go on the opposite end and do a list of all who deserve death, but all I want to discuss is how we as a fandom can protect Shireen and Tommen. How we must protect them at all costs.
The fact of the matter is both are royalty. Yes, we are all aware Jaime is really Tommen’s father but Robert still claimed him as a potential heir (yes unknowing to the real paternal aspect of Tommen but claimed.) I’m not saying Stannis is not our rightful king, I’m merely stating that Tommen is still of importance. But more to the fact, Tommen is unaware of his parentage and this should protect him from a punishment for unlawfully taking the throne. As for Shireen, she’s the rightful princess. She is the one true king’s daughter and if that doesn’t call for all the protection in the world I really don’t know what does.

I could continue with more light #gameofthronesbanter (really I think this is the best hashtag I’ve seen in this fandom. Let’s be real) with their shared importance, their shared reasons but I want to get serious. (Not as serious as Sansa Stark but I can’t be touched about that yet.) So lists are fun, let’s have a list!
Shireen Baratheon. How do I begin to describe Shireen Baratheon?

In all seriousness though, let’s discuss.
1.) Shireen is the only child of Stannis, we are going to disregard shadow!baby because…well. If Stannis is the one true king of Westeros, and he is, he needs an heir. You can say all you want that she can’t be his heir regarding her sex but I mean…try to fight him on that. He needs to name someone and fight me on him not naming his own daughter. And if he names Shireen, then by all rights she should take the throne after him. If we let her fall through the crack who the hell will we get on the throne? Gendry is out there still out there trying to figure out how to row his boat…

Besides, let’s all be real here. The best part of Myrcella being in Dorne (outside of the fantastic book!cast of Dorne) is the push to make her the queen. Shireen could be even more exciting trying to take the throne. She’s probably stronger and smarter than Myrcella (who don’t get me wrong, I love too). She has Stannis’ blood pumping through her veins, that would be one hell of a ride. We need to be realistic in the terms of the books, the key players right now may not be the ones we end with on the throne. We need to be realistic that some ‘minor’ character may come out of no where and take the throne. Shireen could be an interesting contender.
2.) Shireen beat most odds and survived Greyscale. While it’s possible to survive Greyscale to an extent, it also says something  about her as a person to fight it off and become the adorable child we know. We heard Val/Gilly’s story of what they know Greyscale to do. We’ve met the Stone Men. This child beat the odds of that and became the smart, kind, adorable little girl she is. We can talk about the luck of Stannis finding all the right people but at the same time we can discuss how something in her personality was strong enough to let it not take her life. What does surviving Greyscale have to do with keeping her protected? If she can survive Greyscale, think of the girl’s potential. Think of the many other things she could survive, having survived this. Besides, the girl survived her crazed mother. Think of other kids who survive a super crazy mother….

3.) Shireen is smart and far more like Stannis than Selyse. In all matters that matter, Selyse is a terrible mother to Shireen. Selyse gets even worse towards her after Melisandre comes into the picture with her magic boobs and uterus (with that shadow!baby and all…tho I would tend to lean to deformed uterus…having shadow!babies and all). Despite that, despite being locked away essentially, Shireen is a decent and true person. Outside of having Patchface, Shireen has no one to entertain her and she took to studying and reading. She has to be pretty smart if at 9 she is teaching Davos to read; teaching Davos to read well. Not only that, but show!Shireen decided to teach Gilly to read. While Shireen being a sweet child doesn’t scream being like Stannis, her ability to endure, her intelligence, her loyalty…that’s what makes her like Stannis. Despite Davos being locked away for not buying Melisandre’s game, she still believe he was a good person. Still believe he was her friend. We haven’t had a chance to find out if she’s like Stannis in every sense, but what we do know, I feel deems her important enough to save.
4.) Shireen is often glanced over in chapters featuring her. We don’t even know much about her personality or who she is. I understand losing characters we don’t know well is easier but is it fair to also lose someone we know nothing about that is a pretty important character. Shireen has potential to be prominent and important if allowed to survive long enough to be given the storylines. When we first meet Shireen, shes essentially locked away in a tower and her mother talks of her as this deformed monster. Not in exact terms, but basically. She’s this shy, quiet, sweet little girl. We get little bits of her before she reaches the wall, but all of it is pity. It’s much in the way people look at Bran after his accident. It’s really no different when we leave her in ADWD. She’s pitied or seen as unclean. She hasn’t had a chance to be seen as anything other than this sweet little girl who has had some unfortunate disease. The worst part is, she knows that’s how she’s seen. And she still manages to stay the same!

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Tommen Baratheon. What can I say about this adorable cat lover and beet hater?

1.) I’ve discussed this before, but I feel the need to repeat it. Tommen by all accounts honestly believes Robert is his father. Tommen believes he is a true Baratheon and Tommen believes he really did have the right to sit that throne after his brother died. Jaime and Cersei’s sin should have no real affect on Tommen, because he’s a small child and knows nothing about this. I can’t repeat enough that his parents sins should not be a cause to kill Tommen. Besides, outside of stamping the royal seal, Tommen could care less about being king. Tommen dreams of knighthood. Outside of kittens, Tommen only dreams of knighthood. Joffrey was supposed to be king, not Tommen. And once Joffrey died, all Tommen knows is that the next child then takes the throne. He honestly believes, and I can’t stress this enough or repeat it enough, that he is the next lawful heir to Robert Baratheon. How can he be punished for that?

2.) While it’s obvious Tommen shares his sass with his mother, Tommen is more like Jaime than Cersei. Tommen actually thinks about things, even for a little kid.

“Yes, but I’m the king. Margaery says that everyone has to do what the king says. I want my white courser saddled on the morrow so Ser Loras can teach me how to joust. I want a kitten too, and I don’t want to eat beets.”

While this doesn’t seem too well thought out, the fact that he decided to square off against his mother simply because he’s king. He feels and knows that as king he should be able to have control. He thought out enough to use that to get what he wants; to joust. And then the little cute shit adds in a kitten and how he doesn’t want to eat beets. It’s more of a playful sass, more like how Jaime is. And like Jaime, he dreams of knighthood. Jaime didn’t want to be the heir for Tywin, granted for many different reasons. Tommen doesn’t want to be king. That’s Joffrey’s job.Tommen has it in his head that he’d be a knight like Jaime. And like Jaime, he knows when to be careful. In that same scene, he backs down slightly when Cersei seems to be getting angry with him.
3.) No beets. I don’t feel like I need to explain this too much. We should save anybody who wants to outlaw beets.
4.) Like Shireen, Tommen is super underrated. All we get of Tommen is everyone else experiencing him. We don’t know much of Tommen, outside of Ser Pounce, wanting to be a knight, no beets, and liking to stamp the royal seal. Like Shireen, Tommen hasn’t had a real chance to prove his worth but you can’t tell me he doesn’t have it. The little we see of him before Joffrey dies, he’s your average little boy. He suffers Joff’s torture, and isn’t really seen much. Once he becomes king, the poor kid is trying to play his own against Margaery and Cersei using him against each other. And to be fair, he does pretty well. He decides, as his wife, he should listen to Margaery and tries to make his mom listen to him regarding her.

Via ​songsofwolves

I could have went on to many more reasons but I feel these were the most broad and important reasons. It’s all fun and games, in the game of thrones (HA) but I adore these two so much that the thought of them no longer around and never having the potential to evolve actually frustrates me. The possibilities are endless with these two and I don’t think they get enough credit and definitely not enough storylines to prove their worth. And it’s great to sit here and discuss their potential and importance but I don’t think people are paying attention to this 50 Shades of Cray fanfiction D&D are producing. Not enough people are seeing the real potential of them killing off more (RIP Pyp and Grenn. RIP Gendry’s storyline. RIP SANSA/ALAYNE’S storyline. RIP Lady Stoneheart…etc) people that are fully alive. Show!Lovers can come out and scream about how it’s exciting and Book!Burners can scream about how D&D are setting up for us soon catching and passing where the books currently stand timewise. But until I have ink and paper proving these two are dead, and I am over here screaming about that not happening, I refuse to believe these two shouldn’t survive. That these two can’t play a role in the grand scheme of things.
Why do I feel the need to worry obsessively over their fates? Let’s take a quick look at how this show is handling their arcs and just point out everything we should be fearing for these two. (Remember Jojen!paste…yeah)
The thing with the show is we see them even less than we do in the books. Well that is until this mega fanfiction season. And that’s worrisome. When we first meet Tommen in the series, he’s this little kid rarely shown except for when the show wants some adorableness. When we first met Shireen, it was simply to teach Davos how to read. They kind of fall off the radar until D&D decide to fuck some shit up. Tommen comes back, aged, to become king. They completely revamp his storyline. Instead of being the cute baby who likes stamping things, he’s a teenager who is married to a hot piece of ass and getting laid. That’s problematic. Why age him and change his arc slightly? Especially since we are gearing away from the books. Are they going to kill him off too?
And then Shireen. Granted in her storyline she does involve her heading to the wall, but the focus on greyscale so much is slightly iffy. Granted we meet the Stone Men and Jon Connington and they have greyscale. But the fact that people are focusing on Shireen’s. Val and Gilly talk about how destructive it is. Val calls Shireen unclean and say she should be killed. It makes one suspicious about what they intend for her.
The real thing that scares me is how much D&D listen to fans when it comes to the show. And the fans aren’t very nice when talking about either of them.
“That young king Tommen Baratheon seriously needs to grow the f*ck up. Sies man! What a sorry excuse for a king.”(@SaneInTransit)
“As vicious a king as Joffrey was, i think we all agree that we would rather have him as king than Tommen Baratheon. (@OfficialP_Elago)
Recent events have shown that Tommen Baratheon is, in fact, the worst character in GoT. (@MuhammedRabiu_)
Psoriasis all over my face got me looking and feeling like Shireen Baratheon (@alohasarahjane)
I get this one isn’t terrible, but hella rude Who is Shireen Baratheon? the sister of the guy that got screwed up or (@DamianSommer)
My point here is, Tommen and Shireen haven’t been given an opportunity to be as fantastic as I know they can be and if we let them fall through the D&D cracks, we will never know. I mean, coming over to my side, you don’t have to eat beets. And I mean, I know you don’t want to eat beets.

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